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  • It’s lonely at the top: One in four senior leaders admit to feeling isolated at work
    While one in five (20.7%) Brits believe that managing a team is a sign of success in the workplace, new research from CV-Library, the UK’s leading independent job board, reveals that it comes at a price. In fact, one in four (27.2%) senior leaders admit to feeling lonely in the workplace, with a further 40.8% claiming that people’s attitudes towards them changed after they […]
  • UK businesses could lose up to £195 Million a day as half of Brits look to change jobs in the next year
    New research released today by leading UK job board Totaljobs and global employer brand specialists Universum, has revealed the cost to UK businesses as job-hopping Brits hunt for new work. With more than half of us (54%) looking to change jobs in the next 12 months, employees are spending an average of 1 hour 24 […]
  • What college degree to choose to work in HR
    Every job position has a specific set of requirements because roles vary from position to position. As a Human Resource (HR) manager, you’ll be responsible for overlooking the administrative functions of an organization. You don’t necessarily need a degree to be an HR manager, but getting one gives you a competitive edge. Seeing as the […]
  • Why Is Having An Online Degree Becoming A Trend?
    The field of education has gained a lot of technological advancements over the years. New tools and software have facilitated the quest for knowledge through the digital classroom. Professors and students no longer need to be in the same location to exchange insights. Everything can now be done remotely. Because of this, online degrees have […]
  • How to create a security culture in your workplace
    As the fear of crime is growing, organisations need to put strategies in place to protect their workplaces from cyber-crime, terrorism and threats to personal safety. Darren Hyde is the Managing Director of VIP Security Services; here he discusses how companies can engage their staff to create a security culture in the workplace. When most […]

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