Cyber Security – What’s the Risk?

You lack it, they hack it! Time to protect you and your business.

You don’t trust people enough to leave your house door unlocked so why do it with your systems and data?

What is it Cyber Crime?

Cyber-crime is any offense committed when a computer is the targeted object or used as a tool to commit the offense. This is a problem that is on the rise with 2.9 million UK organisations being hit by a cyber-attack in the last year at a cost of £29.1 billion.

Where’s the threat?

There’s 3 main reasons cyber criminals target you; financial gain, corporate information or to heighten their ego (this is much less common).

Here are 3 common threats to look for;

  • Phishing, this makes up 49% of cyber-crime and involves scamming you to retrieve private data through illegitimate websites, emails and phone-calls.
  • Denial of Service, making up 5% of attacks DOS occurs when the attacker floods a system with overwhelming traffic preventing legitimate users from accessing it
  • Malware, adding up to 29% of cybercrime, this is the installation of a malicious software, typically done by visiting a malware-infected website, or by opening an attachment from a phishing email.

How to protect against it!

Here are some of the main ways you can stay safe;

  • Use date anti-virus software
  • Be very wary of pop-ups
  • Install an anti-phishing toolbar; a lot of internet browsers can be customised for this
  • Update your operating system, browsers, and plugins and keep them current
  • Remove software you don’t use (especially legacy programs) as some may stop producing protective software
  • Only trust secure site s (https)
  • Keep your personal information safe
  • Don’t use open Wi-Fi
  • Study and get a job in Cyber Security or be a recruiter to find the specialists to do it for you- see below how to do this

High in skill, high in pay and high in demand… Could a career in cyber security be for you?

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